Promoting West Coast Swing Dancing Throughout Northwest Arkansas and Beyond

Ozark Swing Society

Promoting West Coast Swing Dancing Throughout Northwest Arkansas and Beyond

Hand Fan

Twist and Chill Hand Fan
$6.00 plus Shipping/Handling
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Authorized OSS
Member's Pen

OSS Deluxe Pen
Three for $2.00 plus S/H
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OSS Coffee Cup
$17.00 less 40%, plus S/H
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OSS CoolCore
Cool Towel

OSS CoolCore
Evaporative Towel
$17.00 plus S/H
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OSS Coolie
Foam Insulator

OSS Coolie
Foam Insulator
$3.00 plus S/H
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Ozark Swing Society Marketplace

Ozark Swing Society

We have been searching for products that West Coast Swing Dancers might find useful and interesting. Many of these include the Ozark Swing Society logo and identifying marks to help you show off your membership with a great group of Westies. Plus, your purchases help support West Coast Swing dancing. What could be better?

Purchasing is a snap. Just click on the "Add to Cart" button under the desired item, and pay through PayPal or with your Credit/Debit card (FYI: Paypal is just the payment vehicle. If you don't have a Paypal account, simply click on the "Don't have a PayPal account?" option when you are ready to purchase, where you can use your credit or debit card). The purchase is secure and we usually ship within a couple of days (NOTE: We only ship to continental USA). We will also make some of these products available at our events. Just check with us at the registration desk.

…And be sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back to this marketplace for more cool authorized products.

Dancer's Hand Fan

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Dancer's Hand Fan

Become a much cooler dancer! Pop the fan out for a breeze. Twist to fold the fan for easy storage. Fits most pockets and purses! Measures 8 inches in diameter.

  1. Single Hand Fan ($6.00 + S/H)
  2. Two Hand Fans ($5 ea. + S/H)
  3. Five Hand Fans ($4 ea. + S/H)

OSS Member's Pen

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OSS Member's Pen

You've joined a great group of Westies. Now write with a deluxe dancer's pen. Super Glide LV blue ink.

  1. Member's Pen ($1.00 + S/H)
  2. Three Pens ($0.66 ea. + S/H)
  3. Ten Pens ($0.50 ea. + S/H)

OSS Coffee Mug

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OSS Coffee Mug

NOW ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Start your morning right with an authorized Ozark Swing Society Coffee Cup. Beautiful polished ceramic with the OSS logo prominently displayed. 11-ounce ceramic mug is dishwasher-safe.

Regular price $17 per mug ($15 for OSS members). Now more than 40% off!

  1. Single OSS Mug ($10.00+S/H)
  2. Mug + Member Discount ($8+S/H)

OSS CoolCore Towel

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OSS CoolCore Towel

Stay cool with an authorized Ozark Swing Society CoolCore Evaporative Cooling Towel. CoolCore technology does not rely on chemicals or polymer crystal treatments, but creates a towel technology that keeps you cooler, drier, and more comfortable with the OSS logo prominently displayed. Simply dampen the towel, wave in the air, then apply to skin for evaporative cooling (see for more info).

  1. CoolCore Towel - Grey ($17.00+S/H)
  2. Grey + Member Discount ($15+S/H)
  3. CoolCore Towel - Black ($17.00+S/H)
  4. Black + Member Discount ($15+S/H)

OSS Coolie

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OSS Coolie

Keep your favorite beverage cool with this authentic foam insulator with the OSS logo prominently displayed. Highly portable, perfectly sized for your sodas, water and adult beverages.

$3 per Coolie or two for $5. Available in Black or Blue.

  1. OSS Coolie Black ($3.00+S/H)
  2. OSS Coolie Blue ($3.00+S/H)
  3. 2 OSS Coolies Black ($5.00+S/H)
  4. 2 OSS Coolies Blue ($5.00+S/H)
  5. 2 Coolies Blue & Black ($5.00+S/H)